X-rays, These Are What You Need to Know

X-rays are examination procedures using electromagnetic wave radiation to display a picture of the inside of the body. Images of solid objects such as bones or iron are displayed as white areas, while the air contained in the lungs will appear black, and images of fat or muscles are displayed in gray. In some types of X-rays, additional dyes (contrast) taken by mouth or injected, such as iodine or barium, to produce a more detailed picture. The X-ray procedure is performed in a hospital by a trained doctor or radiologist. Although radiation has a risk of triggering the growth of cancer cells, radiation exposure from X-rays is fairly small and is considered safe, especially when compared to the benefits gained. X-ray Photo Indications X-rays are taken to see the condition of most parts of the body, including problems with internal organs. Examples of conditions that can be displayed through X-rays include conditions in bones and joints (such as fractures and osteoporosis), infecti…
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